UPCI Music Ministry Instructor Spotlight – Chris Moses

Moses1Christopher Moses is a gifted musician and certified audio engineer. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Chris began playing drums at the age of 15 at his home church in Ozone Park, Queens. Chris emulated many of his favorite drummers such as, Buddy Rich, Dennis Chambers, Omar Hakim and others. His passion for the keyboard and piano didn’t start until the age of 19 where he began to take the same approach to learning piano and God began to open up his understanding and give him new direction to learning the instrument. His first keyboard was a Casio CTK series that his mother purchased for him. The keyboard could actually sequence notes and play an entire composition along with displaying notes and chords. He began learning gospel music by sequencing the notes from the sheet music into the keyboard. This was truly a blessing because he was able to learn the timing and the song structure along with the chords almost overnight.

Not long after learning gospel progressions and theory, Chris transitioned from playing drums at his church to accompanying the choir director on keyboard for services. In time, God elevated Chris to becoming the choir director and was responsible for arranging and sequencing songs for the choir. As he grew in the ministry, Chris began to work on various projects and played for many events in the New York area.

Chris has a passion to help those who seem to have a glass roof on their playing and creativity. By showing others music theory and the practical application of modes and scales, God has blessed him tremendously. Chris strives to be a blessing to others as well as to God’s Kingdom and remains active in music ministry at his local church pastored by Rev. Doug Davis. He resides in New York with his wife and two beautiful daughters and we are so glad to have him involved as a monthly instructor for the UPCI Music Ministry.

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