Investing In The Future: Music Ministry

Written by Rob Greene, Worship Pastor of The Pentecostals of Quinte (Belleville, Ontario)

I’ve had the privilege to explore many churches both in North America and abroad and one common need is the same: the need for musicians/singers. As a music director of a thriving church, I understand the struggle and the need for competent, dedicated, and anointed musicians. Many churches struggle to even find music directors who can serve their local congregation without full-time stipend. This makes the job and responsibility of the music director of any congregation an important one. Many of us current Music Directors are a product of the mentorship and leadership of our music/worship leaders. This leads me to believe our job as music directors goes beyond the Sunday and mid-week routine.

As the music/band leader, we must be more proactive to raise up other leaders. We are doing a disservice to the church and ourselves if we simply rely on ourselves to lead and push through Sunday worship every week. Seek out and encourage others who have the desire to lead and help carry the burden of the worship experience. Obviously, this level of mentorship requires time, dedication, and patience. The end goal pays off dividends when you have gained several other people who can lead even when you are away!

Create a musical culture and cultivate an environment of learning around your church. This is forward thinking! This process is very hands-on and takes some effort. Encourage kids and youth in your church to take music lessons – piano, vocals, guitar, etc. If you are a musician or singer, carve out time to mentor a young person. Worship bands are very popular. Organizing a youth band can be fun and help groom them to be future sanctuary musicians.

Consider creating a music-teaching program for your church through providing music lessons for young people. If you have a few competent musicians who can teach, encourage them to offer music lessons a few hours a week. Young people are a sponge and it grants you the opportunity to mold them to serve your local congregation. I find this is the space to reiterate the importance of character and worship lifestyle. Music ministry goes beyond the stage and the spotlight or even musical abilities!

I’ve had the great honor to be able to not only serve in music ministry locally but also on a district and international level. I have watched many students who I have mentored serve their own local churches and youth groups with excellence and passion. John Maxwell said, “A leader who produces other leaders multiplies their influences.” When you empower others to lead within their God-given talents and abilities, your circle of influence increases. You can be the greatest singer, musician, or worship leader in the world, but if you do not take time to invest in others, your gift and influence will die with you. It should be our desire as music leaders to inspire others to use their craft for the glory of God.

You may not have the time to be able to do hands-on teaching or may not be sure how to. No need to fear! We live in an age where technology affords us valuable resources. UPCI Music Ministry has embraced this need for music instruction and resources for churches. Take advantage of these teaching points that will help grow and strengthen your students and your team. Contributing instructors are knowledgeable and experienced in their craft, offering great instruction you can trust.

By mentoring new leaders, creating a musical culture within your church, and developing music-teaching programs you will ensure a solid and healthy future for your church music team.

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