Sergio “Big Serg” Acedo, is one of the most influential drummers in this generation with over 14 million views on YouTube, He has inspired and shared his talents with everyone around the world starting since he was just 5 years old. 
Sergio has worked with artists locally and around the world. He currently plays with multiple bands and and plays at 4 church’s on a weekly basis in his city growing his social media platforms to a high level which inspires Sergio to give back to his fellow drummers in the music community. While Touring in the U.S and Internationally, Sergio has developed a style of playing that makes him unique whether it’s on a big or small stage, you’ll know it’s Big Serg on the kit.
– Jessica Suarez – CD: “Come To The Well”
– Luis Lenzi – CD:  “Christmas” 
– Ismael & Martha Veloz – CD: “Generación”
– Mark Yandris (Currently Touring)