I’ve been singing, basically, my entire life. My parents, brother and most of my extended family have always been musically gifted, so you could say it’s in my blood. I took piano lessons, when I was younger, but gave up because I thought, I’ll never need to play, I’ll just sing! Little did I know that one day I’d be the Pastor’s wife at Upper Room Church and I’d have to learn how to play the piano and lead worship. The Lord certainly has a pretty good sense of humor.

I’m happily married to my, wonderful, husband, Jarryd and we have two, incredible, kids – Kingston and Audrey. They are definitely my rocks and help keep things in perspective because you never know what life my throw your way.

In addition to singing, I also occasionally travel to teach, preach and share my testimony, especially with ladies’ groups, and I’m willing to go wherever the Lord opens the door. I have received numerous calls and messages, from people around the world, since my miracle and I’m thankful that my TEST turned into a TESTimony that has been able to help others.

I have also recently released my debut music project, “Let Me Introduce You,” and it’s available for purchased at www.leslieraynes.com