I was born in Lexington, TN and was raised in Indonesia as a Missionary kid.  At the age of 17, God called me to the ministry and at the same time I began tinkering with Audio systems.  My first mixer was a little Peavey, 4 channel, 100 watt mixer amplifier that had Treble, Bass, Reverb and Volume controls on each channel.  Upon returning from Indonesia and graduating High School, I attended Jackson College of Ministries where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theology.  During my time at JCM, I conducted weekend evangelism trips and worked extensively with the Audio for the school.  After graduation I met my wife, Andrea, while evangelizing in the Northeast.  Andrea and I assisted her father in Attleboro, MA, spent a short time in New Zealand and Fiji on the AIM program, pastored 2 churches in Maine, then moved to Tennessee to be with my father during his battle with cancer.  In 2006, we moved to the Richmond, VA area to assist Rev. Carlton Varnell.

Since beginning my work as an Audio Engineer, I have continued to help churches across North American and the world make the gospel of Jesus Christ more clearly heard through the use of Audio systems.  Currently, I am the director of the install division at Backstage LLC in Richmond, VA. This is a position I’ve held for the past 12 years.  Also, I am one of the A1’s for Backstage and primarily work corporate events.  Prior to moving to Richmond, VA, I worked extensively doing installs and working live sound.