My name is Michael Beardsley. I grew up in Rockford IL. My love for drums started in church. Every sunday I would try to mimic the drummer from my pew. I eventually grew a deeper love for the instrument. Finally my mom bought me a drum set at the age of 6, I think she was tired of me destroying her pots and pans. My dad taught me my first rhythm. It was an old gospel track. From there I would spend hours in my basement just playing, not really knowing what I was doing but I loved it! We moved to a suburb of Chicago and my dad started pastoring a church. I was the back up drummer for awhile, so instead of waiting for my turn on the drums I turned to the Bass guitar for a few years until I finally got my chance to play. I started playing out at the age of 14, I got some exposure with church camps and conventions. I decided to pick up a camera and video myself playing and recording. From there I am still growing and serving God, my story is just beginning.