Hello my name is Barrington Neil, I live in Queens NY, I attend All Nations Apostolic Tabernacle under the leadership of Bishop Devon D Dawson and Pastor Samuel Stewart. I grew up in the church, second generation Pentecostal! My family and I have been members of the All Nations Apostolic family for almost 20 years. Growing up in the wonderful Pentecostal church has taught me many things, music ministry being one of them. I serve on my local and district music ministry team as the drummer! I have played at my districts HYC, District Conferences, and Camps! I have also played at several local UPCI churches in the district. I’ve had the pleasure of being offered a cymbal endorsement from Soultone cymbals as well. It is an honor to play for the Lord and use the gifts that he has given me. I look forward to working with you and letting God use me in the way he sees fit.