Leslie Raynes

Leslie Raynes


I’ve been singing, basically, my entire life. My parents, brother and most of my extended family have always been musically gifted, so you could say it’s in my blood. I took piano lessons, when I was younger, but gave up because I thought, I’ll never need to play, I’ll just sing! Little did I know that one day I’d be the Pastor’s wife at Upper Room Church and I’d have to learn how to play the piano and lead worship. The Lord certainly has a pretty good sense of humor.

I’m happily married to my, wonderful, husband, Jarryd and we have two, incredible, kids – Kingston and Audrey. They are definitely my rocks and help keep things in perspective because you never know what life my throw your way.

Speaking on that, in case you weren’t aware, I had a massive stroke on June 16th 2019 (Father’s Day) and spent 13 days in the hospital, between ICU, a regular hospital stay to the inpatient rehab. I got released on June 29th 2019 (my wedding anniversary) but had to use a walker and still needed to attend outpatient rehab to try to get back to normal. It was certainly a very trying time for me and my family. I didn’t understand why I had to go through that but I always kept my faith and trust in God and knew that somehow, someday, He would work it out and make me whole again. Well, that day came on July 4th 2019 (Independence Day), at the UPCI Louisiana District Campgrounds, when Jesus miraculously healed me of any remaining stroke symptoms in an INSTANT! Check out the video testimony here and please SHARE it because I want people to know that God is still in the healing business!

In addition to singing, I also occasionally travel to teach, preach and share my testimony, especially with ladies’ groups, and I’m willing to go wherever the Lord opens the door. I have received numerous calls and messages, from people around the world, since my miracle and I’m thankful that my TEST turned into a TESTimony that has been able to help others.

I have also recently released my debut music project, “Let Me Introduce You,” and it’s available for purchased at www.leslieraynes.com